Leticia Pérez Vicario


-Expert in UROGYNECOLOGY AND COLOPROCTOLOGY ( years 2018-2019)

-Expert in MOVEMENT AND THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE ( years 2020-2021 )

- Specialist in Orthomolecular Therapy and Phytotherapy based on scientific evidence with Healthy Institute (2016-2017).

- Specialist in Nutrition - Sports Nutrition (2016-present).

- Expert in advanced sports physiotherapy: RTC, Kinesiotape, Mc Connell Method (2015-2016).

- Pelvic floor re-education: Master Expert in Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics by Marcel Caufriez (G.A.H 1 and 2). Update in biofeedback and electrostimulation techniques Fisiomedit (2015).

- Expert in clinical psychoneuroimmunology (2013-2014).

- Specialist in G.P.R. Philippe Souchard Method (2013).

- Specialization in pediatric and peripartum physiotherapy (2008-2013).

- Specialist in invasive techniques: dry needling according to Travell and Simons, diacutaneous fibrolysis, E.P.I.© percutaneous intratissue electrolysis and musculoskeletal ultrasound (2008-2013).

- Specialist in Myofascial Induction (Levels I, II and III taught by Tupimek) (2006-2010).

- C.O. in Osteopathy by the EOM (2005-2011).

- Diploma in Physiotherapy by the EU of Physiotherapy of Soria (University of Valladolid) (1994-1997).


- Director of the Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Center FISICSALUD since 2004 (Burgos).

- Physiotherapist - osteopath of local Sports Clubs of different disciplines and categories: Athletics, Triathlon, Swimming, soccer ... Currently specializing in Trail running.

- Temporary provision of physiotherapy service in SACYL (rural area) and mutual labor Fremap and Fraternity (2004-2006).

- Physiotherapist in private clinic (1997-2004).

- Therapist in PNI Clinic (Fisicsalud).

- Ergonomics training (at private company level).


- Assistant professor at EOM (San Sebastian).

- Trainer in occupational ergonomics and multiactivity oriented prevention (practical workshops. Posturology).

- Speaker at various workshops in the field of sports and health, to highlight:

- Mendi Film Festival 2016 (Bilbao).

- M.A.E.© Movement Actitude Experience 2016 (Burgos).

Leticia Pérez Vicario


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