Bandagging / neuromuscular - kinesiotaping/ mc connell

Bandagging / neuromuscular - kinesiotaping/ mc connell


It is a technique which is generally used as a complementary method to the treatment of physiotherapy and osteopathy. Its origins are located in the 80's (Japan). The concept that establishes an interrelation between movement and muscular activity is essential to understand the way neuromuscular taping works. Muscular activity activates the blood circulatory pump, also activates the lymphatic pump and, through these means of control of the vascular system, there is a regulation of local temperature.

The tape, which is a way of defining neuromuscular bandaging, produces a decompression of the tissues, an activation of the neurological system, of the circulatory system and therefore of the self-healing processes.

Neuromuscular taping is an effective, safe and easy to apply technique.


The McConnell method consists of an exploration and accurate diagnosis of biomechanical imbalances and correction by applying specific bandaging aimed at placing the affected parts at rest and correctly aligning the joint. The aim is to inhibit the hyperexcitation of the inflamed and painful tissue.

The objective is to try to improve the symptomatology and to be able to apply in a complementary and/or coadjuvant way other therapeutic measures to readapt the injured moment.

This achieves more effective results because the patient is assisted from the first moment, with less symptomatology or even without symptoms for longer, to continue their activity as far as possible depending on the type of injury.

It is especially useful for the treatment of shoulder pathology: e.g. rotator cuff, frozen shoulder... as well as knee pathology and other smaller joints such as elbow and ankle.
In addition to reducing mechanical pain, the McConnell method
-improves strength
-improves joint mobility and joint loading
-changes muscle activation patterns and joint position

The application of McConnell taping consists of two distinct parts:
-A hypoallergenic base
A hypoallergenic base -complete with special active tape bandages, which limit mobility within the desired range and put the tissues at rest.
and put the tissues at rest.