Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy

It is defined as a method of treatment in which the pulsations of the Cranio-Sacral system can be perceived, which are transmitted to the whole body through the Fascial System, itself made up of connective tissue. It is a safe and effective method of approach.
As every organ, every muscle, every vessel, every nerve... etc. is wrapped and connected by the Fascia, a restriction in it can alter the structure of the body and affect its function. The therapeutic work consists in helping the patient to re-establish the normal flow of movement through the attenuation or disappearance of the resistances "observed" in some part of the body systems.

The Cranio-Sacral System has the vital function of maintaining the environment in which the Central Nervous System functions.
It consists of the meningeal membranes and bones to which they attach, and the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord: including the cranium (skull, face and mouth) and the sacrum. Since the brain and spinal cord are within the Central Nervous System, it is easy to see that the SCS has a marked influence on a variety of bodily functions.
This technique allows us to follow the signals, afferences, "bodily messages to redirect the treatment and adapt it to the changes of state or resistances encountered.
This system has the vital function of maintaining the environment in which the central nervous system functions.


Craniofacial pain and migraines.

Fatigue and stress

Motor incoordination

Back pain (cervical pain, back pain, lumbago).

Scoliosis, discopathies, herniated discs.

Bruxism and temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJ).

Learning disorders

Post-traumatic and emotional stress

Congenital dysfunctions

Infant sucking and breathing disorders

Injuries of the central nervous system, spinal cord and cranial nerves

Autism and behavioral disorders

It is recommended as a preventive treatment as it improves the immune system and provides greater energy, sleep quality and physical and mental balance.